Train to Genoa

Jul 01, 2001

Globalise Resistance Train to Genoa

The Train Timetable

Obviously, the train can’t wait for people who are late. Please make sure you’re on time.

  • Getting to Dover
    You need to be at the Eastern docks by 9am on Thursday 19 July. We have organised coaches from London. They will leave at 6.45am from ULU in Malet St (Euston, Goodge St and Euston Sq tubes.) There will be a charge for the coaches of around £15.
  • The FerryGet to the Dover Eastern docks by 9am. The ferry arrives in France at 12.30pm.
  • The Hypermarket
    You will need plenty of food and water for the next few days – and food is not for sale on the train. You cannot bring food from Britain to France because of Foot and Mouth Disease. So there will be time to visit a hypermarket before the train leaves. (They sell alcohol as well, of course?©)
  • The Train
    The train will leave Calais at 3pm, and will arrive in Italy shortly after 5am the next morning, Friday 20 July. There will be meetings and other events on the train – more details soon.
  • The Last Leg
    Our train will stop shortly after entering Italy (French railways couldn’t come to an agreement with Italian railways about us continuing to Genoa) and we will transfer to coaches for the last two hours or so of the journey. So we will arrive in Genoa between 7 and 8am on Friday 20 July.
  • The Return Journey
    The coaches will leave on the evening of Saturday 21 July, and we will be back in Dover on the evening of Sunday 22 July. We are still negotiating the exact times of the train with French railways – we will add the info to the website as soon as we have it.
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