Genoa – Details of the Protests

Mar 02, 2001

There will be three large demonstrations in Genoa. The authorities have agreed that all these demos can go ahead. If you are traveling on the GR train, you will get to the protests on Friday and Saturday. There will also be various small actions on Friday, away from the Red Zone (the centre of Genoa, near the Conference Centre.)

Thursday 19 July – Demo in Defence of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Friday 20 July - Direct Action Demo
Saturday 21 July – Main demo against the G8
Many different groups will be holding meetings from Monday 16 July onwards. Meetings were very well attended at the recent protests in Gothenburg and Salzburg.
Thursday 19 July
The march will assemble at 5pm in the Piazza Sarzano.
Friday 20 July
The Genoa Social Forum (GSF), which co-ordinates all the different groups organising the protests, has not organised one central event. Many different actions will take place along the fence surrounding the Red Zone. Some groups will organise peaceful protests, such as prayer vigils. Others will want to try and push down the fence. All these actions are supported by the GSF, as long as groups show respect for people protesting in different ways from theirs.
GSF are negotiating with the police about our right to use self-defence if protesters are attacked by police officers. GSF has agreed that protesters will not bring weapons. Negotiations continue about what is a weapon and what isn’t. It has been agreed that poles and sticks are weapons, and that protesters won’t bring them. This means that you can bring a banner on the protest, but you should not bring the poles. A placard with a stick may also be forbidden under this agreement. (This may seem strange and authoritarian, but placard sticks and banners with poles aren’t generally used in Italy.)
GSF is negotiating with the authorities about how much space we will be allowed for these protests. GSF believes that six piazzas will be needed to hold the 20 to 30,000 people they expect to take part. So far, the authorities have allowed two. Negotiations continue. There will be signposting so that people can take part in the kind of protest they want. A march of striking workers, called by the National Rank and File Committee, will set off at 2pm from the Via Caprera, marching to the Piazza Galileo Ferraris.
Because space for the other protests has yet to be agreed, there are no details yet of where they will assemble, or at what time. This information may not be available till shortly before the protests, like on Thursday. Check back here for updates.
We understand that mobile phones will not work on Friday around the Red Zone.
Saturday 21 July
The Drop the Debt demo is due to assemble at 2pm, set off at 3pm and be over by 6pm. The demo is expected to be very large, so all these times may be severely delayed. It’s best to get there early.
Globalise Resistance will be near the front of the demo, along with other groups who have come from outside Italy.
The demo will start at the corner of the Via Pisa and the Via Felice Cavallotti. It will then move down to Boccadasse, and continue along the sea front. Then we go up Via Rimissa and Corso Torino, to end the demo in Piazzi Ferrars in the district of Marassi. This route goes close to the Red Zone, but not up to it.
GSF has agreed with the authorities that no direct action events of any kind will take place during the demo.
At the end of the demo there will be a pause for an hour to ninety minutes, and then more direct action is planned. Many people think these are the actions most likely to face attack from the police.
At the end of the demo, if you are booked on GR transport, remember that you need to get to it on time.

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