Festival of Resistance 2012

May 03, 2012

20 – 22 July 2012  Tapeley Park, Devon

After the success of 2011′s first ever GR festival, we’re going for it again this year. Presenting the perfect antidote to Olympic build up hysteria, what better way of spending a weekend than in splendid rural surroundings with a big bunch of activists who’ve come together to learn from each other and create new links in the movement.

Mark Thomas at our 2011 festival

We’re organising a number of grassroots speakers, from differing parts of the movement – with differing ideas and experiences to discuss some of the key questions facing anti-capitalists today. We’re asking people with frontline experience to talk, not the big names. There will be plenty of time for all participants to put their own ideas forward and given the nature of the event, theres oceans of time to sit down over a beer and have a chat with others.

We are making sure the event is small-ish – around 200 people or so – to maintain the intimate nature of the festival. We’ve got catering organised by the fantastic folks of the Brixton Tea Party, camping and workshops, entertainment and other activities laid on for you, and at barely-covering-cost price.

We’re running a coach from Central London (leaving on Friday 20 July around midday, returning Sunday 22 July in the evening). No doubt the authorities will be giving us a difficult time in getting a licence for the event (just like Big Green Festival in the past), but this event is on and we’d encourage you to take advantage of the early bird tickets we’re selling to raise the core funding for things now.

What’s in store?

Speakers include Nick Dearden (Jubilee Debt Campaign), Jamie Kelsey Fry (Occupy LSX),Melanie Strickland (Occupy LSX), Claire Solomon (former ULU president), Noel Douglas (Occupy Design), Simon Hardy (AntiCapitalist Initiative), Emma Dowling (Plan C), James Meadway (New Economics Foundation), Asad Rehman (Friends of the Earth) and more to be announced.

Transport from London

We are running a coach which will leave London at 12 noon on Friday and return in time for you to get public transport back to your place on Sunday  - see the PayPal link below.

Festival Timetable here

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