Protests after Police Murder Protester in Genoa

Jul 22, 2001


Over 150 people joined a protest at the embassy on Sunday 22 July. They were surrounded by “80 baton-wielding officers, some in riot gear” according to the right-wing Evening Standard. The paper quotes a protester as saying “It was a completely peaceful protest and they suddenly charged us with their batons.” Police surrounded the protesters, and told them they were held to prevent a breach of the peace (like they did on Mayday.) People were eventually released one by one after having been searched and photographed. More info at Indymedia UK.

On Monday 23 July Globalise Resistance held a well-attended press conference at the back of the embassy (photo, left.) After this, over 200 people protested, with banners from the Socialist Alliance and UNISON. Demonstrators – held by police in a narrow pen of crash barriers across the road from the embassy – chanted loudly for over an hour in protest at the murder of Carlo Giuliani and the imprisonment of other protesters. We then heard from the Branch Secretary of University College Hospital UNISON. He spoke about one UNISON member at the hospital who was in Genoa, and beaten by police around the face so badly that he may lose the use of an eye. He is currently still in hospital in Italy.

Helen Salmon of NUS Executive said that the authorities had resorted to violence because they know how our movement is growing – including 300,000 marchers on Saturday. Tom Behan of Globalise Resistance reported that there were demos yesterday in Milan and Turin, and there was one today in Rome. Tomorrow demos are planned for virtually every town in Italy.

We then marched round to the front of the embassy to join protesters there. There was again a heavy police presence, but we were allowed to demonstrate and leave as we wanted.

On both parts of the protest we held a minute’s silence for Carlo.

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