Carnival of Dirt

Jun 11, 2012

When our friends in Occupy, CorpWatch, Mines and Communities, Crocodyl, the London Mining Network and Foil Vedanta announced the Carnival of Dirt we thought it deserved bigging up.

So get yourselves to the Carnival on 15 June (that’s this Friday!).

From their website:



11AM – Friday June 15 2012 – Steps of St Paul’s Cathedral



  • Link arms with those who have had their lands stolen, their governments corrupted, their people turned against each other, their environments poisoned.
  • Solidarity with those still paying with their lives for resisting Western mining and extraction corporations.
  • Propped up by our pensions schemes, these corporations evade millions in taxation and are protected by our government despite their financial, environmental and human rights crimes.
  • Join the Carnival of Dirt - a funeral procession followed by speakers – and, from 6.00pm, a Reclaim the Streets party.

No to austerity! Resist corporate dictatorship! Another world is possible!

See you there?

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