Press Release, Friday 20 July

Jul 20, 2001

Globalise Resistance Shocked and Outraged at Police Killing, Calls Monday Protest.

Friday 20 July 2001

Globalise Resistance is shocked and horrified to learn that Italian police have shot dead a protester at Genoa, and seriously injured a second.

Ordinary people have a right to demonstrate against policies which millions round the world oppose. We call on Tony Blair, and other political leaders, to condemn this killing.

Over fifty s thousand people took part in the protests today, and 150,000 people are expected to join the march tomorrow. They represent a wide range of groups, including trade unionists, socialists, NGOs and environmentalists. They share with millions of people worldwide a growing concern about the role of transnational corporations and unelected organisations like the World Bank and the WTO. They are opposed to policies that mean debt for developing countries, pollution, privatisation, and the escalation of the arms race.

Despite the disruptive action of the French government, who attempted to cancel the Globalise Resistance train, 350 people travelled on the train to Italy. They include pensioners, many trade unionists and a priest

We condemn the Italian government, in whose name the police have acted. Their actions demonstrate how little accountability really exists in our political system. Our rulers can only meet behind 4-metre high metal fences, protected by police prepared to shoot and kill those who oppose them. While there is no space within the political system to oppose the neo-liberal consensus accepted by all mainstream political parties, the kind of protest seen at Genoa will continue.

Globalise Resistance sends our condolences to the friends and family of the protester who was killed.

We will not allow these actions to intimidate us. 150,000 people are expected to march tomorrow – they are angry at this killing, but still determined to make their voices heard.

We have called a protest for 6pm on Monday 23 July at the Italian Embassy – Three Kings Yard, London W1. We call on as many people as possible to attend.

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