Release Nicola and Richard

Jul 23, 2001

Statement Calling for the Release of Nicola and Richard

Nicola Doherty and Richard Moth, two Globalise Resistance members, have been arrested by Italian Police after the Genoa protests at the weekend. Both work with adults with severe disabilities and are members of Unison trade union. Nicola was on her first demonstration. Neither were involved in any violence during the protests in Genoa. Both are being held incommunicado, with no access to legal support or contact with their friends and families. Both received considerable injuries while they were being arrested.

To claim that NINETY people were all guilty of the same offences while they slept is ludicrous.

We demand that their lawyers and friends be allowed access to the two prisoners immediately. We demand these two peaceful protesters are released immediately. If any weapons were indeed found at the HQ, their is nothing to suggest Nicola and Richard were in possession of them.

Arrests and oppression will not answer the case put by anti-globalisation protesters.


Noam Chomsky
John Pilger, journalist
Tony Benn, former MP
Louise Christian, lawyer
Paul Foot, journalist
Susan George, ATTAC France
George Monbiot, writer
Noreena Hertz, writer
Jean Lambert, MEP
Caroline Lucas, MEP
Darren Johnson, Transport Secretary Greater London Assembly
Julie Christie, actress
Michael Rosen, author
Alison Renouf, work colleague of Richard & Nicola
Daniel Brett, friend of Richard
Richard Ware, Accounts Executive and friend of Nicola
Debora Sannazzaro, lawyer Italy
Penny Kemp, Chair Green Party of England and Wales
Mike Marqusee, Socialist Alliance
Liz Davis, Former Labour Party NEC
Mark Steel, journalist
Paula Vaccaro, journalist, UK
Pietro Pierangeli, journalist, Italy
Niaz Alam, Trustee War on Want
GMB Holborn Branch
Anna Carteret, Actress
Becca Morahan, Globalise Resistance
Despina Mavrou, Globalise Resistance
Guy Taylor, Globalise Resistance
Candy Udwin, University College London Hospital UNISON
Hector San Roman, Center for Assistance to the Indigenous People
Rev Paul Nicolson
Fr John Ryder, Parish Priest of Godshill
Prof. Alex Callinicos
Sophie Gosselin, ATTAC (France)
Julien Ottavi, ATTAC (France)
Joanne Gilhooly, journalist
Dr Sarah Lister, academic
Dr Brian Hoskin, College Lecturer
James Hitch, writer
Fiona Charlesworth, journalist & Globalise Resistance London
Peter Bunyard, Founding editor, The Ecologist
James Murray-White, writer
Eleanor Adair, artist
Peter Dressel, Mixer
Roland Dion, Artist, San Diego, California   U.S.A.
Eddie Salmon, comedy writer
Robb Johnson, songwriter
Fiona Holland, journalist
Cristina Arduini biologist
Domino Wall, UNISON International Officer
Bruni de la Motte, National Officer UNISON
Titus Alexander, Chair, Charter 99
Andrew Simms, Head of the global economy programme, New Economics Foundation
The University of Wales Swansea Branch committee of the AUT
Margaret Rose Garrity, PCS Shop Steward, Glasgow South
Martin Baker, television cameraman, present in Genoa
Caroline Austin, photographer
Dr Jonathan Walker, academic
Jody Law, Programme Administrator
Michael Pountney, Managing Editor, Mac Keith Press
Adam Porter Yearzero magazine UK
Will McMahon, Chair or Secretary of Hackney Socialist Alliance
Sally Scarlett, Local Government Association
Terry Spencer  university adminstrator
Jim Wolfreys, Lecturer in French, King’s College London
Tom Sandborn, writer, community activist, organizer Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bruce Allen, Vice-President, Canadian Autoworkers Local 199
Malcolm Deans, Public Service Association delegate, Auckland, New Zealand
Samy Djavidnia, satellite engineer, Spain
Inigo Ballester, programmer, Spain
Luca Vernaccini, engineer, Italy
Cristina Arduini, Ufficio Sistema Informativo Falda, Provincia di Milano
Shabby InC. from the netherlands
B¹nyamin Esen, Writer (from Turkey- Europe)
Jan Slakov, President, Enviro-Clare (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Jonnie Bakan, Shop Steward, CUPE Local 3903, York Univ, Toronto, Canada.
Paul Lykotrafitis, Shop Steward Canadian Union of Public Employees local
3261, Toronto
Owen Miller, student/copy-editor, Seoul, Korea
Becky Branford, copy-editor, Seoul, Korea
Diane Albrecht, CAW 1325 Flying Squad
Becky Moss, Bhopal Group for Information and Action
Mustafa Turus, Chairman of the Committee to Defend Political Prisoners.
Tony Savaas Welsh Socialist Alliance
Howard Miles, Convenor of Wakefield Socialist Alliance
Duncan Exley, Membership Development Assistant, London Cycling Campaign
Alex Foster, Education Administrator, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Brian Meade,    Support Worker  (Learning Disabilities)
Martin Gregory, Br Sec Oxford City Unison (personal capacity)
Dr Dave Webb, Leeds Metropolitan University
Dean Wharton, Branch Secretary, UNISON Leeds teaching Hospitals Branch
Martin Bennell, Chair, UNISON Leeds teaching Hospitals Branch
Gill Fallon, Assistant Branch Sec, UNISON Leeds teaching Hospitals Branch
Chris Keene, Globalisation Campaigner, Green Party, England and Wales
John Green, Assistant National Officer UNISON (personal capacity)
Lee Rock, PCSU London Regional Organiser
Mark New, Branch Secretary UNISON Dudley Group of Hospitals
Geoff Martin, UNISON London Convenor
Tom Snow, UNISON Officer
Ian Wollington, SOAS UNISON
Jim Fagan Joint Branch Secretary Tower Hamlets Healthcare UNISON
Domino Wall, UNISON International Officer
Phil Turner, chair, South Yorkshire NUJ
Julia Armstrong, secretary, South Yorkshire NUJ
Jon Gamble, Secretary, Watford Trades Council
Jennie Twydell, Secretary, MSF London Region
Roland Rance, Secretary, Waltham Forest Trades Council (personal capacity)
Andrew McGettigan  MSF rep, Community Housing Association (Camden, London)
Seth Harman, Branch Secretary MSF London Housing Branch 037
Matt Saywell (Youth Officer GMB Holborn Branch)
Steve Worobec I.S.T.C. rep Cardiff
Pete Gillard, Management Committee, London Region MSF
Gill George, Management Committee, London Region MSF & Chair West London
Medical MSF
Geoff Brown, Branch Sec, NATFHE, Manchester College of Arts & Technology
Jake Rollin, Branch Secretary LGU UNISON
Bob Horrocks, Unison Senior Steward Bolton MBC
Sam Birnie, Branch Chair LGU UNISON
Phil Jones, Gloucester City UNISON Branch Secretary (personal capacity)
Bill Lehm UNISON Rep UCL Branch
Alasdair Smith, NUT rep Holloway School, Islington
Andrew Berry, Islington UNISON Deputy Branch Secretary.
Roger Cox, Chair Uxbridge College NATFHE Branch
Clive Erricker, Head of Study of Religions, University College Chichester
Dr. Mike Cole, Branch Secretary Natfhe, University of Brighton, Falmer
Dr Rob Tinch, lecturer in ecological economics, University of East Anglia
Steve McSweeney, Chair, City of Westminster NATFHE (personal capacity)
Lionel Sims, UEL Barking Branch NATFHE Secretary (personal capacity)
Jon Berry, Secretary, Hertfordshire NUT ( personal capacity)
Chris Glenn, Branch Sec, Greenwich University (Avery Hill) NATFHE (pers cap)
Stewart Smyth, NATFHE rep, Cheltenham and Gloucester College
Rebecca Garnett, Head of Design, London
Kate Pettifer, Web journalist, London
Ian Harris, Climate Researcher
Philip Schwyzer, lecturer
Barry White, National Organiser, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
Canon Peter Challen, Christian Council for Monetary Reform
Chris Welch Sheffield Hallam Unison Branch, UNISON, Sheffield, UK
Nick Clark GMB rep, TUC Staff, GMB secretary, Westminster TUPS Branch
Maggie Falshaw, AUT membership secretary Queen Mary University of London.
Kaye Heyes, Development Worker, TUC Learning Services
Roger Smith, NATFHE Hull ACE Branch Secretary + member of Yorkshire Humberside Regional Council Executive
Diana Katz: Shop Steward BMJ Publishing Group, Product Manager BMJ
James Woodcock: Quality Assurance Editor Clinical Evidence
Dr Harry McConnell: Clinical Editor Clinical Evidence
Alan Francis, Green Party Transport Speaker
Birgit Cunningham, Green Party Press Office
Brenda O’Mahony, Nottingham City Unison
Joe Crow, Kings College London UNISON
Dorothy Pearce, King’s College London UNISON
Richard Beard, Librarian
Aidan Baker AUT
Dr Clare Sansom
Charlie Naylor  NUT Teacher
Green Socialist Network
Pete Brown – Secretary Green Socialist Network
Dr Martyn Ives, BA, MA, PhD (Econ)
Pete Heddle, Campaigns Officer, Uni of Plymouth Students’ Union
Phil Tozer, Mature Students’ Officer, Uni of Plymouth SU
Christine Sterne, Senior Lecturer
Sue Dobson, Senior Lecturer
Nancy Rollason, Lawyer, present in Genoa
Chris Phillips, programme adminstrator
Terry Flynn, Royal Liverpool Hospital
Helen Malloy, Designer
Robert Malloy, Designer
Annie Shaw, Senior Lecturer
Linda Finch, student
Peter Dwyer -researcher
Kristin Endresen- student
Libby Brooks, Editor, Guardian Women
Toby Cunningham-UEA UNISON member
Joanne Greenway, UNISON member
Sarah Flux, Research Administrator
Carole Hanson, UNISON member
Martin Brown, UNISON member
Jo Harrison, Brighton University
Vincent Dawes, disability worker
Andrew Stone, NUS Higher Education National Committee
Fatma Nedjib
Manoj Koeri Birmingham
David Moore
Steve Wallis
Richard McKenny
Sean Hartnoll, student
Anne Dennis, retired senior lecturer
Dale Clark, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Jemima Broadbridge, Press Officer, Spitalfields Market Under Threat
Dorothy Wigmore, Ontario, Canada
Leo Sayers, Australia
Mary Beth Brangan, James Heddle, journalists, U.S.A.
Richard Buckwell, Branch Secretary, Ashfield UNISON
Scott McAusland, union rep – Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union
Liz Crosti,Nurse,Unison steward
Terry Parker – UNISON member
Joanne Greenway, UNISON member
Linda Freston, UNISON member
Richard A. Wilson, Senior Lecturer Human Rights, Univ of Sussex
Lucinda wakefield – Sheffield Hallam University Unison Shop Steward
Duncan Jones, Unison University of Birmingham
Simon Boardman, CWU member, Exeter
Paul Wright Manager Bradford Community Health Trust
Joe Buck, heating engineer
Sue Mobbs, development worker
Sophie Davey ,European Marketing Director
Sacha Whittaker, Student
Ian Thomas, Branch treasurer, M.S.F. Shropshire 0264 Branch
Ian Malcolm-Walker, Trade Unionist and Disability Activist
Peter Clibbon, Engineer
Gavin Barber, Oxford Brookes University UNISON
Gaia Dean, stock broker
Emma Davies, University of North London
Joanne Doyle
Jon Tennison, GMB (TUC employee)
Jane Galloway (TUC employee)
Paul Flynn  TGWU, St Mungo Association employee
James Latta, Screenwriter
John Cooper, UNISON member
keith hassell, NUJ
Sarah Flux, Research Administrator
Owen Blacker, Senior Internet Software Developer
Adam Bowers, press officer
Samy Djavidnia, satellite engineer
Luca Vernaccini, engineer
Sheila Cullen, Analyst Programmer
Ilaria Firmian, anthropologist
C.J.Langley,Conference and Events Administrator
Simon Ramm, Global Education Officer, VSO
Andy Jones, Video Producer, VSO
Lorna Robertson, VSO
Stephen Nock, Local Groups Co-ordinator, VSO
Andrea Barclay, Returned Volunteer Adviser, VSO
Lucia Fry
Malcolm JW Povey, Reader, University of Leeds
Julie O’ Brien, environmental researcher
Issy Harvey, MSF member
Philip Lelitte, UNISON member
Mary Curran, student University College Dublin
Linsay Halladay, Sheffield, UK
Julia Rumbold, Global Education Advisor, VSO
Lorraine Latta, Administrative Assistant
Cleo Williams, arts administrator
Adam Bowers, press officer
Alex Braun, engineer
Mika Minio-Paluello  Cambridge Univesity Students’ Union, Green Officer
Tim Hinton
Rochelle Harris
Charlotte Woods
Jean Crocker
George Danezis
Emma Hamilton
Adam Conway
Adam Bowers, press officer
Kathryn Wilson, Student
Marion Hersh, Convenor AUT Women’s Committee (personal capacity)
Debbie Howard University of Brighton Students’ Union
Rebecca Duffy, University of Brighton
Gill Ure, University of Brighton
Tim Nicholls, PCS DSS East London Organiser
Richard Boland, HSE London and SE Division, IPMS Section Representative
Simon Hester, HSE London office, IPMS sub-section representative
Ursula Read, Occupational Therapist, Homerton Hospital NHS Trust
Richard Searle, Housing Convenor Manchester UNISON
Margot Hill, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Wendy May, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Yvette Clarke, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Geraint Dearman, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Tony Walker, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Sarah Johnson, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Moe Dunleavy, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Jonathan Shaw, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Jonathan Stern, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Karen Wilkins, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Musaddek Osmany, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Christine Schwanberg, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Jeremy Fordham, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Philleshar Griffith, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Margaret French, UNISON, Hammersmith, London
Malcolm O’Hara , UNISON, Hammersmith, London
David Kersey, Communications Officer, Coventry Unison (Pers Cap)
Andy Richards, Chair, UNISON Brighton and Hove Branch
Matthew Sellwood
David Babbs, Cambridge University SU, Ethical Investment Officer
Dr John Parrington, scientist (group leader), AUT rep, UCL
Tom Silverlock Branch Secretary UCL UNISON
Jenny Gallagher, UCL Unison
Paul Ketley, Administrator
Mark Baxendale, UCL AUT
Sarah Harris, UCL
Louise Dash, UCL
Andrew Gormaly, UCL
Mark Ellerby, UCL
Dod Forrest, shop steward, Aberdeen City Unison
Glo Potter, Unison member, Aberdeen city.
Vincent Foucher, School of Oriental and African Studies
John Game student SOAS
Catherine Guest Politics Department Secretary SOAS
Andy Coles, school teacher, Manchester
R. Munoz, Kingston College of Technology
Ana Larcher-Carvalho, Imperial College PhD student
Zowie Broach
Brian Kirkby
Tanya Lefevre student
Melissa Harper student
Amanda Jones, teacher
Kate Kirk, student
Jon Timbrell, student
Ludovic Pommier, student
Petter EvertsÕn, student
Andrew Wynne, Student
Stephen Kristian – activist
Mr.Carl Bennett, Durham Resistance
Miranda Lewis
Laura Fisher
Jean Flower
simon evans
Emily Snowden, student
Paul Williamson, student
Elizabeth Williamson, student
Clare Williamson, student
Aaronita Carlton, student
Donna Baillie
Trilby Roberts
Paul Tarry
Paul Swann
Mandie Rutland
Steve Hopkins
Rob Winder
Modhumita Haq
Jonjo Neale, student
John Joseet, social worker
Monica Axson, Social worker
Tony Phillips, Branch Secretary, London Fire Authority UNISON
Steve Sparks, Health and Safety Officer, London Fire Authority UNISON
Valentina Danieli, PR
Steve Myers – EB of Labour Left Briefing
Tom Helgeson, Financial Analyst, Leamington Spa, UK
Danny Bates, Green Party of England and Wales
Joanna Ellis
Martin Hyde
Lisa Crivello, Middlesex University UNISON Equality Officer
Jane Kennedy, lecturer Trade unionist LAUT Liverpool University
Angus Roberts, Sheffield
Anna Hussein
Michael Murphy
Susan Dickens, Editor
Morag Gillie, Union Rep
Barry Francis – TUC employee
Jayne Ingles, CRC Research Administrator
Anna Thomas
Lucy Adams, Student
Richard Martin
Carla Tsampiras, Programme Officer
Jim Thompson, University of Edinburgh UNISON
Sarah Adams, Health Project Coordinator
Annemarie Piso, Natfhe member, Leeds Metropolitan University
John Bissett
Torgun Bullen
Helen Keefe, translator-paralegal
Martin Lewsley (Designer)
Richard Boland, IPMS Section Representative
Nick GRANT  Asst. Sec. Ealing NUT
Stan Grant, school student
Liam Grant, school student
Jo Lang, NUT Rep Acton High School, Ealing
Tom Davies, Sec. Ealing NUT
Andy Vipond, President Ealing NUT
Rachel Jones, Treasurer, Ealing NUT
Stuart Allen, NUT Rep,  Villiers High School, Ealing
Alan Fair, Senior Lecturer, Humanities Manchester Metropolitan University
Isabel Tennessee Fair, aged 9, student, Park Hill School, Birmingham
Pablo Paganotto, UCL
Ben Drake, Steward, York City UNISON
Melvyn Jones, Councillor
Peter Scott
Peter Holbrook
Daniel Machover, human rights lawyer
Hannah Bayman, freelance journalist
Hope Liebersohn
Trevor Alexander,Middlesex University, UNISON Branch Chair
Ian Thomas Unison Joint Assistant Branch Sec, Cardiff & Vale Health Branch
Malcolm Dunning (RMT National Executive)
Andy Richards (Chair, UNISON Brighton and Hove Branch, on behalf of the
Sarah Berger (World Development Movement, Brighton & Hove)
Kate Blok (Lawyer)
Ricky Tuke (RMT Guards Rep/Assistant Branch Chair, Brighton Depot)
Gordon Flett (Chair, Vancouver & District Labour Council)
Steve Myers (EB of Labour Left Briefing; Secretary, International Soldiarity
with Workers in Russia)
Sally Morawetz (UNISON / TUC Project Worker)
Kaye Heyes (Development Worker, TUC Learning Services)
Andy Smith (Cambridgeshire Against Refugee Detention)
Elin Lindhagen (student, University of Sussex)
Kim Trathen (Brighton Collective)
Tim Peat (student, University of Sussex)
Stephen Church (Brighton Collective)
Shiraz Durrani (Librarian)
Graham Douglas
Tony Bowyer
Sara Rajzman, Community Initiatives, London
Rahul Patel, Assistant Branch Secretary
Mick Beirne, Shop Steward, Housing
Pasqual Testa, Shop Steward, Housing
Tanya Sherfatmand, Health and Safety Officer, Social Services
Josie Crisp, Shop Steward, Housing Benefit
John Sinha, Technical Analyst
Sean Wallis, UCL AUT branch committee
Susan Murray, editor Green Socialist
Mick Totten, University Senior Lecturer
Gareth Jenkins, Regional Delegate, Univ of Greenwich, Inner London NATFHE
Nick Auvache UNISON Middlesex University
Ali Brown, NUJ member
Dave Statham, President GMB Holborn Branch
Tessa Wright, GMB member
Sarah Fraser, Volunteer Coordinator, Positively Women
Mark Shephard, UNISON, Sheffield Hallam University
Jessica Hardy, Teacher from South London
Dave Barnes, TSSA Branch Chair GTRM South Branch
federico riggio, student, Italy
Vivien Altman, journalist
Rebecca Breuer, Publishing Rights Assistant
Jules Evans, journalist
Bella Pagdin
Karen Dwyer, lawyer
Richard Beard, Librarian
Tim Nitram, Journalist,  Hamburg, Germany
Rozz Evans, Unison, Middlesex University branch
Neil Overy, School of Oriental and African Studies PhD student
Chris Jones, Chair Merseyside Socialist Alliance, AUT Lancaster University.
Dr Christopher R. Jones
Alun Howkins, Professore of Social History, University of Sussex
Liz Reynolds, Unison Member
Mark Campbell, NATFHE Co-Coordinating Committee, University of East London
Alex Windsor
Nikki Rose, singer/songwriter
Lee Grocott, IT Specialist
Bill Gorman
Alp Biricik,coordinator of I&V -Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly/Turkey
Ebru Uzpeder, coordinator assistant-Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly/Turkey
M›irÕad Campbell, Chair of South East London Health UNISON (pers cap)
Adam Shiels, Accountant
Pûl   O’Ceallaigh, Unison member and pacifist Quaker
Richard Alonzo – E-Commerce Content Developer
Marie-Benedicte Dembour, Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex
Jan Miehle, student
Rebecca Cartwright
Guy Lincoln Leeds, Metropolitan University
Jim Taylor, Therapy Assistant, City & Hackney Community Health Unison
Jenny Daglish, Therapist, City & Hackney Community Health Unison
Sue Leahy, Occupational Therapist
Nicki Vaughan, Occupational Therapist
Marianne Behm, Art Therapist (MSF)
Renato Pesci, Art Therapist (MSF)
Ambrose Bockarie, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Dyana Altenor
Anna Stafford, Therapist, City & Hackney Community Health Unison
Tom Marshall, journalist
Robert Kerr, Accountant, Twin Trading Ltd
Richard Hide, Manager, Twin Trading Ltd
Jenny Anderson (Law student)
Andy Russell (NATFHE)
Dave Shiels
Dave Pinnock
Paul Oliver
Chris Hewett, environmental researcher
Julie Alonzo, Secretary, University of Birmingham
Ben Robinson, NUS
Kirsty Sutherland, Research Associate, University of East Anglia
Michael Barrett Brown
Liz Brennan, UNISON steward, Cambridge City Council
Christian Momet, “Les Amis du Monde Diplomatique) Paris
Mik Heys, Steward-Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy
Bhanu Ramaswamy MCSP
David Horner (Biologist)
Francesca Vinti
james brett, filmmaker
Sue Taylor NATFHE

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