GR – Resolution Supporting Protests

May 01, 2001

Motion on the G8 Protest in Genoa

This meeting notes:

    This meeting notes:

  • the continuing debt crisis in the poorest countries. 19,000 children die every day as a result of the debt. The IMF and World Bank have heightened this crisis by imposing Structural Adjustment Programmes – these demand the privatisation of services and cuts in social spending. The G8 – the heads of the eight richest nations – are supporting the imposition of further attacks in the shape of GATS, the General Agreement on Trade and Services, which seeks to privatise health and social services across the whole world.
  • the growing demand that the debt of the poorest nations is dropped. Since November 1999 in Seattle, every gathering of the World Trade Organisation, IMF, World Bank or heads of state has been met with large protests. These protests have spanned debt protesters, environmentalists, campaigners against privatisation and trade unionists.  
  • the formation of Globalise Resistance – an umbrella group brining together different strands of opposition to neo-liberal politics, from environmentalists to anti-privatisation campaigners and trade unionists.

We recognise that there will be demonstrations at the G8 summit in Genoa on 20-21 July, and that these have support from around Europe. There is already transport booked by Jubilee Plus, Drop the Debt and Christian Aid; Globalise Resistance has booked a train.

This meeting believes:

  • that the debt of the poorest nations should be scrapped
  • that the drive to privatise services such as hospitals and schools should be stopped
  • that GATS should be stopped

This meeting resolves:

  1. to support and publicise the demonstrations at the G8 summit on 20-21 July in Genoa
  2. to fund delegates to go to the demonstrations (Globalise Resistance transport costs £120 from Dover)
  3. to affiliate to Globalise Resistance (group affiliation costs £50)
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