Mar 20, 2004


One year after the slaughter began, it continues unabashed. Now more US soldiers have been killed since the war ‘ended’ than during the official war itself. The mounting civilian death toll is horrific beyond belief.

There’s been no WMDs, the surveillance scandals are hounding Blair and Bush looks like he may even go the way of his father and fail to get re-elected. One thing is clear, the mobilisations against the war around the world have not only prevented further conflicts but have added to the pain felt by Bush and Blair, and now we must make it tell.

At the World Social Forum in Mumbai in January, Globalise Resistance was one of the groups that put forward the call for international action against the US / UK occupation of Iraq. The Assembly of the Social Movements in Mumbai issued a call for global protest to mark the first anniversary of the onset of war, Saturday 20 March.

Over 50 countries organised action on that day, an echo of 15 February last year which saw the biggest single day of protest this planet as experienced.


Austria Vienna, Bangladesh Dhaka, Brazil Soa Paulo,Belguim Brussels, Canada Montreal and Vancouver,Catalonia Barcelona, Chile Santiago, Czech RepublicPrague, Denmark Copenhagen, Egypt Cairo, EnglandLondon, Finland Helsinki, France Paris, Germany Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Ramstein, Greece Athens, HungaryBudapest, Iceland Reykjavik, Indonesia Jakarta, IraqBaghdad, Iran Teheran, Italy Rome, Japan Tokyo, JordanAmman, Mexico Mexico City,  Morocco Cazablanca, The Netherlands Amsterdam, New Zealand Christchurch and Wellington, Norway Oslo, Poland Warsaw, PakistanKarachi, Palestine Ramallah and Gaza, Portugal Portu and Lisbon , Scotland Glasgow, Senegal Dakar, South Africa Johannesburg, South KoreaSeoul, Spain Madrid, Seville and Tarragon, Sudan Khartoum, Sweden Stockholm, Gothenburg and Halmsted, , Syria Damascus and Aleppo, Tasmania Hobart, ThailandBangkok, Turkey Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Trabzon, Yemen Sana,

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