Bush thinks it’s safe to come back…

May 29, 2008

Back in 2003 George Bush’s visit to London brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets. He stayed at Buckingham Palace under siege and the world was certain that although he was feted by the government and the royal family, normal people in the UK did not welcome him. The largest mobilisation during his stay was indeed the biggest EVER protest in London on a weekday; 300,000 people turned out to register their disgust.

Now, as the height of the anti-war movement has been passed, he thinks he can visit again with impunity. We don’t agree, you see people aren’t that fickle. When mass murderer Henry Kissinger came to town in 2001 we had a small but lively demo outside the Royal Albert Hall where he spoke, and publicly at least, he’s not come back.

Now how long will it take George W Bush to wise up like Henry K?

The Stop the War Coalition has called a demo on Sunday 15 June. It’ll be in Central London, no doubt, but more detail will be announced once we’ve got hold of his itinerary.

In the meantime check out the reports of his last visit on the Stop the War Website, that day was monumental, in more ways than one.

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