Activist report from the Bush visit in November 2003

Nov 24, 2003

Who can honestly say protesting is a useless form of civil participation???

Paying the bills, sending the children to school, filling the car’s tank, having some comfort at home after another day in the office, some extra cash to afford a small holiday once in a while, pay the mortgage, oh and yes do their best to climb up the Property Ladder, the British Holy Grail of this new century: that’s what most people in this country ask for, basically. Who could blame them for wanting to be ‘normal’ and fit the mould???

There is no incentive for them to do anything more about their condition. Leave it to the politicians, our elected knights of justice, freedom and well-being! The mass media and their political masters have no interest in seeing the people getting involved in the running of our societies. People are messy, they don‚Äöt know what they want. They are happy enough being shephered into voting once in a while. Why would the people of this country voice their concerns???

Three days last week proved -once again- that the voice of the people can not just be heard, but is a force to be reckoned with. Yes, there will always be those that, no matter what, will never leave the comfort of their desk or of their homes to protest. After all, it‚Äös suspicious, this very notion of protesting! It smells of confrontation, with an aftertaste of revolution. You know what I mean these people on the streets we all know they have been brainwashed by the lefties, and manipulated into contesting.

That is the point, we reply to those oracles of political apocalypse! We are supposed to live in a democracy, where every individual has the right to not agree with policies dictated from above and voicing it in as many colorful and loud ways as they see fit. That is what I did last week, alongside hundreds of thousands of others.

Politics is dead. Politicians are more mistrusted than ever. Whereas the latter is for all to see and acknowledge, the former is a lie, or at least a non-truth.

Politics has never been so alive in this country than over the past two years with the demise of new Labour and the constant rise of a new opposition. Never so has the true voice of the people been heard since America has started its own world war of domination. The new imperialism, under the cover of aggressive democracy and open markets, has been met, at every step of the way, by relentless opposition from civil society.

When Emperor George II planned his visit to our small monarchy, he was seeking the same kick little girls get out of dressing themselves up as princesses :the illusion of glamour. Well, we are glad to report that Mr Bush has had his party somehow ridiculed.

“We didn‚Äöt see any protesters, just stars ‘n stripes waving locals” said Laura Bush at the end of their visit. Take off your pink glasses Laura, the fairy tale was just a very well orchestrated dream! How could you have heard or seen a single protester when everything was carefully planned so as not to let you get within earshot of any of us??? The man who singlehandedly brought misery and devastation to so many over so few years under the shield of his new Crusade got a reception he probably was not counting on.

Between Tuesday and Friday last week, London and many other cities have been vibrating to the spontaneous and feverish rythms of ordinary people expressing their disgust at the presence on our soil of the Butcher of Baghdad and Kabul. The man was basically under house arrest in the palace , while Elizabeth counted the precious shrubs his goons were trampling over in the manicured gardens.

In the weeks prior to the event we heard and read the usual warnings : “rioters ready for the American president”,”London the new Genoa” bla bla bla.

Here is news for you, Daily Hate and co : we are the power, we are this nation‚Äös voice. Nothing is out of reach for us, no one can shut us up. We are here to stay, and we will make this world a better place. Warmongers, your days are counted. War criminals, stay home and don‚Äöt even think setting foot on this land, we will chase you out, wherever you are, whatever mask you hide under.

Stephane Popovic


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