Liberate The Tate with the Reverend Billy

Jul 17, 2011

An exorcism of the evil spirit of BP

Reverend Billy and & The Church of Earthalujah invite you to a service at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall on Monday 18 July, 5.30.

An exorcism of the evil spirit of BP, brought to you by Liberate Tate, UK Tar Sands Network, London Rising Tide, Art Not Oil and Climate Rush.

Brothers and sisters, a dark beast lurks within the bosom of one of our most cherished arts institutions. While good-hearted, god-fearing, gallery goers glory in the miracle of art, the beast below is encircling the planet with its oily tentacles, destroying righteous communities, poisoning God’s beauteous creations, and bringing us all ever closer to the climate apocalypse.

And the name of that beast is BP. For 20 long years, BP has embedded its foulness deep within the Tate, using the fair face of the arts to mask the stench of its true nature.

 On Monday 18 July, join Reverend Billy and & The Church of Earthalujah, as we lay hands on the Tate Modern, and cast out the evil demon of BP’s oil sponsorship.

Earthalujah UK Tour: London

Spreading the Earthalujah gospel across the pond!  Info here.


The action was huge success, hundreds watched as the Reverend did his best to exorcise the BP demon in the Tate’s Turbine Hall, watch this excellent video of the action to catch the mood!

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