Festival Update

Jul 02, 2011


8 – 10th July 2011
Tapeley Park, Devon

Blimey, organising a little festival is tougher than you think.

The venue of our Festival of Resistance have been called in for a meeting with the Police and the local Council. Numbers of people, camping, drinking and performances all have rules we were apparently going to contravene. It appears that someone somewhere doesn’t want our festival to go ahead…

We’ll carry on with our small event (it was never planned to be big), which gets together a number of like-minded people to discuss ways of campaigning for a better world. You could even look on the festival as a pertinent contribution to the building of the Big Society.

But in order to secure the future of the festival we’re having to make a few compromises. Camping is, apparently, an issue so we’ve been forced to move campers to a nearby campsite (we’ll be running a shuttle service). As such we are now closing the sale of camping tickets.

Alcohol will not be on sale on site. However you are free to bring your own drinks for personal consumption.

The music will be performed in the barn, will a maximum of 80 people inside to experience it. The comedy, however, will be on the lawns where everyone will be able to see.

The event will run from 10am until 8pm on Saturday 9 July, after which people will be expected to leave the site.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

For more information about the festival and to book tickets go here

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