Mutiny presents Drugs on Trial

Sep 19, 2011

The Mutineers have devised a new evening for us all to attend, enjoy, explore and maybe even learn. In their accustomed style of putting things on trial and examining a subject from all angles, Drugs are slapped in the dock and given the once over on 10 October.

Featured contributors include Professor David Nutt, former government Drugs Advisor who resigned at the Government’s folly in its classification of drugs and in causing more harm by imprisoning drug users than the drugs cause themselves. He will be joined by Shane Collins from the Green Party Dugs Group and formerly organiser of Free the weed protests in South London.

Why do we jail drug addicts, and does it work? Why do we criminalise soem drugs and licence others? Is research by pharmaceutical corporations a good way to develop new medicines? What is the role of the State in producing amnd controlling drugs? Is drug use pathological? If not, how does our society cause people to need drugs? Who benefits from the “War on Drugs”?

All this and more will be asked and answered on the evening itself. the evening will be in three parts: Production, consumption and prescription, with contributors and multimedia contributions to stimulte your senses in a most political way.

Mutiny is a break from the traditional ‘boring style’ of political meeting. No longer will you be faced with a speaker, a chair and long contributions from someone trying to push their particular agenda. Mutiny embraces all forms of media, enthusiastically promotes participation from everyone in the room, has DJs and videos, art and performance, intelligent contributions and focuses on activism. No leafleting happens, a goody bag of political and theme-relevant delights is handed out to all who attend.

What’s not to like?

Check out their website, book yourself a ticket and come along for a Mutiny. Who knows, you might leave the building a happy addict!

Mutiny: War on Drugs Monday 10 October, from 6pm.

Resistance Gallery, 365 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 9RF

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