Aug 09, 2011


It’s not rocket science to work out why things are kickin’ off here at the moment. Here’s our checklist of the real criminal activity.

It’s not a complete list so please feel free to add your items using the comments box below.

  • Massive closures to Connexions Services and cuts to youth services.
  • The destruction of funding to non-governmental organisations who provide support for young people.
  • The institutionalised racism that’s led to stop and search and systematic harassment of young people in London for years.
  • Police thuggery that’s meant the killing of 330 people in the last 13 years.
  • Unemployment rates of 20% plus amongst young people in London.
  • Cancellation of EMA.
  • The consumerist society that teaches us that if we don’t have desirable things, we are failing.
  • The forcing of people onto poverty wages and barely existent benefits.
  • Advertising.
  • The closures of youth centres in Harringey and across the country.
  • A world which views violence – often through military action – as a solution to problems that occur.
  • Corporations of stealing or looting by dodging taxes,
  • The misinformation put out by police in trying to cover up their mistakes and blame others for those mistakes.
  • The education policies that mean many people, tested at school time and again, to be labeled as failures before they reach their teenage years.
  • Closure of hundreds of Sure Start centres.
  • A world that puts profit before people.
  • The ever-growing gap between rich and poor.
  • The intrusive surveillance and monitoring of young people.
  • The demonization of those who do not fit into David Cameron’s ideal of desirable citizens.
  • The idea that a better pair of trainers will make you a better person.
  • Bankers and bonuses.
  • MP’s using tax payers money for their massive expense accounts
  • The appalling and corrosive example set by MPs, the mainstream media and celebrities held up as role models.
  • Reality TV programmes.
  • Intolerance, engendered by authority, of immigrants, BAME communities, working class people and people differing from Tory ideas of normal.
  • The lack of social housing and market rents forcing people to live in homes too small for the occupants.
  • Selling off/looting our public to services for corporations to make profit.
  • Closure of public libraries.



It’s not the crisis it’s the system



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