Violence at another UK Uncut protest

May 28, 2011

Notoriously violent protest group UK Uncut witnessed more scenes of wanton destruction as a young girl beat the hell out of a fat cat banker. Police looked on as the banker took a severe battering by a small person who claimed “It’s not your money – it belongs to the NHS!” between blows inflicted using a vicious weapon.

Earlier in the day, about 100 protesters had gathered in Soho Square and donned scrubs, stethoscopes and those hats you wear in operating theatres. A fact cat banker joined the demo – taunting the activists with wads of cash and grinning inanely as they declared an intention to “fightback” against cuts. Police kept up with the group as they disappeared into the underground system at Goodge Street, keeping tags on their every move.

As they came out of Camden Town tube station, a few made a run for the Nat West bank across the road and managed to get in before the cops had the doors secured. A trial of Andrew Lansley (tosser) was held outside the bank as loads of passers-by were talked to, most offerring their support. After the trial the protest moved across to HSBC. Camden has so many banks it’s hard to pick!

At HSBC the bank that owns Barnet Hospital, amongst others, a giant monopoly board with hospitals as the properties was laid out on the pavement. The fat cat further provoked outraged as he told everyone that the money belonged to him and that hospitals were of secondary importance to his bottom line.

HSBC has bought the controlling stake in 33 PFI schemes including Hospitals and Schools it has no other reason than profiteering to do so. We’ve had a little check and no working teachers or heads are on the board of HSBC, there’s a similar lack of Surgeons and Health Consultants.

When banks rebuild their balances using our money and by charging our service providers which are funded by us anyway you know there’s a problem. You also know the banks are taking the piss and need to be brought down a peg or two.

Whilst protesters staged a die-in on the monopoly board, to show what the cuts in the NHS would cause, the fat cat showed no remorse and continued to count his cash. It was at that point the young assailant saw red and launched her ferocious attack. No one seemed to care, the banker took a hammering and the callous protesters even cheered as he ran away for his own safety.

Bloody typical of this insidious and bloodthirsty organisation.

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