Mar 22, 2006

Now the parliamentary charade is over, the fight against ID Cards and the all-knowing, all-seeing database is turning to grassroots resistance.

There is compulsion, there is no choice (if you want a passport, that is) in the matter. The government are determined to log, detail and fingerprint the population like criminals. So what can we do?

The government has announced that people will not be obliged to get an ID Card with a passport until 2010, however when the technology is in place everyone applying for a passport will be charged for an ID Card regardless of whether they have one or not. Beyond choice is the matter of all your details being entered into the National Identity Register (NIR). It will be interesting to see what changes they make to the passport application form, as the information required for the NIR is far more detailed than the current passport system.

NO2ID are starting to organise the resistance. There is a web forum with scores of good (and many terrible) ideas getting discussed, check it out.

Most likely the first bit of resistance will be pretty unstoppable and disorganised as thousands of people apply to get a new passport before the prices go up (this is expected to happen in some part of 2007/8). There are more than 12,000 people who have already pledged to refuse registration. New Labour are working on closing this option and making it a real pain in the arse to get round the system. Campaigners and ordinary people can prove to be fantastically imaginative when it comes to this kind of resistance!

NO2ID are organising across the country to resist ID. Details of meetings and actions can be found on the NO2ID Website.


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