Protesting for Palestinian Rights in Selfridges

Aug 03, 2002

Over 200 people disrupted business in Selfridges on Oxford Street on Saturday 3 August 2002. Protesters held a large demonstration outside the main entrance of the store, displaying banners saying “Murder Sponsored by Selfridges” and handing out thousands of leaflets to customers and passers-by.

Despite a large security and police presence, small groups managed to enter the store where they blew whistles and shouted to disrupt business and highlight the issues. Other groups put up stickers, detonated stink bombs and scattered “blood money” around the store.

Despite being repeatedly ejected by security guards, demonstrators re-entered the store. One group was dragged out after immediately being recognised by two security guards who had posed as potential action participants at an open planning meeting last Thursday.

Many of the store’s entrances were locked throughout the day, business was severely disrupted due to the chaos caused in-store and awareness of the issue was increased by the presence outside.

Kate Jackson from DAAWN said, “Through our continuing direct action campaign we will inflict economic damage on Selfridges to take the profit motive out of selling these products of human misery.”

The action was supported by the following groups: Campaign for Palestinian Rights, the WOMBLES, Youth & Student CND, JAZ (Jews Against Zionism), AYN (Anarchist Youth Network), Rhythms of Resistance, Stroud Valleys’ Anarchists, Globalise Resistance and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. The Islamic Human Rights Coalition also joined the demonstration outside the store.


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