Preparing for Rock Rostock

Apr 17, 2007

The latest preparations for the G8 protests happening in early June 2007

The final united appearance of Bush and Blair is taking place in Rostock, on the Baltic coast of Germany from 6 – 8 June. Another example of the G8 hiding away from population centres, the summit is going to be sited at the Kempinski Hotel complex in Heiligendamm, an exclusive resort some 20km from Rostock. Reminiscent of the 2005 summit in Gleneagles, there is a week of activities planned for those who would like to travel to Rostock and register their disapproval at this elite and unconstitutional gathering of the leaders of the rich nations who will decide the futures of so many in their exclusive talks.

the G8 countries have 13% of the world’s population, but hold 70% of the world’s wealth

Here is an outline of the week’s events in and around Rostock:

Saturday 2 June
International Demonstration ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE

* For the immediate cancellation of illegitimate debt and comprehensive debt relief for the countries of the global South!
* Against the sale of public goods and services and for equal social rights and standards worldwide!
* For a speedy and radical transfer to renewable energies! Dangerous climate change and further wars for oil and gas reserves can only be prevented through a significant rise in energy efficiency and the transfer to a sustainable economy.
* For the immediate and permanent abandonment of nuclear energy and for complete worldwide nuclear disarmament!
* For the showing of solidarity with, and the living together with equal rights, of all people and against every form of racism and fascism!
* For the overcoming of walls and borders! Against detention camps and deportation!
* For a peaceful world! End the military imposition of economic and power-political interests through the G8 states!

Sunday 3 June
AntiWar assembly, Rostock.

Speakers include Walden Bello, Italian antiwar movement, STWC and more.
International event, Plenary and workshops.
Concert on the seafront from 4pm.

Monday 4 June
Day of action for migration with the slogan For global freedom of movement!

Equal rights for everybody! including theoretical discussions, direct action, and cultural elements.

Tuesday 5 June
Day of action against militarism, war, torture and the global state of emergency to greet the arriving heads of the G8 states. including blockade of Rostock Laage air[port where the G8 leaders are due to arrive.
Alternative summit, which will continue until Thursday, will commence. A number of  satellite events will accompany the week of action, for example at the camp or during other activities.

Wednesday 6 June
Blockades against the summit will begin.
Thursday 7 June
Summit blockades continue.
March to the fence


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