Stop the War March to welcome the G20

Apr 02, 2009

The Stop the War Coalition, CND and the British Muslim Initiative held a march as a curtain raiser to the G20 summit, starting in London the next day.

Thousands of Stop the War Coalition activists and supporters marched on the 1st of April from the American embassy in London to Trafalgar Square. As world leaders of the G20 gathered in London to discuss their failing attempts to save capitalism, the people had expressed their solutions to the crisis and their contempt at flooding the banking system with our – the tax paying majority of ordinary people – money.

Capitalism knows how to create poverty and war, with prosperity for the privileged minority. Speakers like Tony Benn and Lindsey German from Stop the War Coalition, just like Arthur Scargill, the historical leader of the Miners Union in the miner strike against Thatcher and others, had a clear message to Obama and Brown: stop all production of arms including nuclear weapons, stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and divert the money to support health and education to ordinary people who struggle to keep their work and pay their mortg age in the crisis. All speakers spoke strongly about ending Israel’s criminal continuing occupation of Palestine and called to end the siege on Gaza.

Around the City, London’s financial district, four Horses of the Apocalypse lead hundreds of people to the Climate Camp at Bishopsgate. The streets were taken by more than 10,000 peaceful protesters. To the rescue of the poor poor bankers rushed a blue Space Hijackers personnel carrier! There was free food, tents, workshops, dance and music, with a message to G20 leaders: Capitalism failed to find the solution to climate change, nature cannot be bailed out, the mad over-production of goods has to stop, and Carbon trading is not the way forward. The camp people were later attacked brutally by riot police with baton charges and horses, but kept their grounds.


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