Police attack convergence centre

Jun 03, 2003

On the evening of the 1st June a group of us went to get something to eat at the Usine, a local meet place for alternative activist.

On our way we noticed teargas in the surrounding area and twice we were turned back by riot police. Eventually we reached the Usine but chose not to go in as it too was surrounded by police, however there was no disturbance inside the building at this point.

The following account was given by an eyewitness at an information meeting at the main convergence centre on Monday 2 June:

undercover police raid the Usine

She had been drinking in the Usine with some friends and they had noticed the police circling the building.
Suddenly a group of plain clothes police entered. They wore tabards and had telescopic batons.
As they charged in they caused head injuries to two people. The police then ordered people to their knees and body searched them. They then marched people out individually or in twos. Twelve people were ordered in to a van without any information about where they were headed, or whether they were arrested. These people were taken to a police station where they were kept in cages with no information, and then towards midnight they were driven out in to the countryside and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Some of those detained had been in Genoa, and all were terrified about what the police were planning to do to them.
It turned out the police lied about this operation. They told friends of the twelve that no one had been detained, so that group simply disappeared for the duration of their nightmare.

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