In Solidarity with the Bolivian working-class

Oct 14, 2003

Message from Bolivian activists in London [14:10:03]

Picket in front of the headquarters of BP, one of the companies that wants to export Bolivian raw gas to the United States.

Wed 22-Oct-03 – 12:30 to 14:00.
BP Britannic House, 1 St James Square. London SW1

The humble people of Bolivia are up in arms again, fighting against multinationals that intend to rob again to the poorest people of the region. The Multinationals BP and REPSOL have set their eyes upon the large natural gas reserves. Their intention is export the cheapest way possible.

The workers, peasants and the poorest sectors of the population have come together organised under the umbrella of ?¨La Coordinadora del Gas?Æ, and have told the government very clearly that they do not want to export Bolivian gas and that as a consequence of the brutal repression in the last few months they demand the resignation of the president and his government.

This government refusal to acknowledge the opposition to the export of crude gas used dictatorial means. Goni sent troops to one of the poorest areas of La Paz, where the opposition to his plans was the highest. This battered neighbourhood was showered with tear gases, rubber bullets and real bullets. People resisted with whatever they could, stones, bricks and sticks, and as revenge the uniformed shot at poor houses where children were killed. Until now there is a list of 27 people dead, among them a 5 years old child, Alex Mollericona, and more than 80 wounded.

The government has announced today that they will not export gas anymore, but people are demanding his immediate resignation.

Resignation of Goni Sanchez de Lozada and his whole government. No to the export of Gas. BP and REPSOL out!

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