Vedanta Take Body Blows

Aug 19, 2010

Times aren’t going too well for Vedanta at present and we couldn’t have wished it on a nastier corporation…

UK based corporate villains Vedanta got a kick in the teeth yesterday when a committee set up by India’s Environment Minister delivered a scathing report condemning the companies illegal activity and operating with “total contempt for the Law”.

Among a number of blows delivered, the report unequivocally condemned the company for falsifying records documenting their criminality, infringing environmental laws and violating Indigenous Peoples rights by stealing their forest and agricultural lands.

The report concluded: “The committee is of the firm view that allowing mining in the proposed mining lease area by depriving two primitive tribal groups – Kutia and Dongaria Kondh – of their rights over the proposed mining site in order to benefit a private company would shake the faith of tribal people in the laws of the land.”

The report has now been delivered to the Environment ministry, who will ultimately make the final decision on Vedanta’s future in the area this Friday. The mood in the mainstream media is the ministry will uphold the findings, but campaigners still remain skeptical given the Governments continuous record of supporting the interests of big business over the rights of the people.

Whatever the outcome Vedanta still remains a Multi-National corporation whose bloody tentacles reach to other parts of India, Africa and Australia. Mounting pressure from a growing tide of local grass-roots activism and international support for their struggle means Anil Agarwal (his pudgy face is pictured here) and his cronies days are numbered and will be resisted wherever they go.


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